About BBP Media

Activities and specialist areas
BBP Media is an independent B2B media company which — for more than a decade — has provided specialized, relevant information to its audience. Through cross-media platforms, BBP Media provides Dutch-specific and global insights to business owners and professionals in the marketing, customer service, and e-commerce sectors. BBP’s E-commercefacts.com website and Annual Global E-commerce Summits in Barcelona have also established a strong international position.

When it comes to gathering and disclosing the subject information, BBP Media works closely with industry partners, including professional networks and regional associations. The BBP portfolio includes Twinkle Media, MarketingTribune, Shopper Marketing Update, and CustomerFirst.

BBP has experienced strong growth in recent years, both organically and through acquisitions. Revenues are generated from subscribers and advertisers of the journals as well as event visitors and sponsors. This healthy distribution of revenues across multiple media channels, in-depth knowledge of target audiences, and a proactive strategy that capitalizes on relevant market opportunities, make BBP Media a highly successful organization.

With dedicated teams for various titles, as well as marketing and project management needs, BBP media manages most of its (online) projects, publications, and communication efforts in-house. The management team has a strong belief in continuous training and employs a diverse workforce with a mix of experienced and young talent. BBP Media is headed by owner Paul Petermeijer.