Amaury Rosier

Company – G-Convert
Job Title: – Co-Founder & Managing Director

In which other companies have you worked before?
Levi Strauss as E-commerce Marketing & Analytics Director Europe
L’Oreal Belgium as Chief Digital Officer
L’Oreal Luxe Benelux as Head of Digital & E-commerce
Wanabe as Account Manager

Which are your favorite three brands?
Kylie Cosmetics

Tesla (basically everything that Elon Musk does) – disruptive business, always-on & massive R&D investment & sustainability vision
Netflix – from hyper personalized streaming platform to content producer
Kylie Cosmetics – social networks as main media vehicle for e-commerce

What is your E-commerce tip for the visitors of the Summit?
Think global e-business potential
Go strong on e-Commerce or go home
Technology should never be a blocker !
Be obsess by consumer first

Is there a secret that you would like to share with us?
The success of digital transformation is to become a self-learner organization