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December 16, 2016
Global E-commerce Summit 2016 a continued succes
December 18, 2016

Aarstiderne, Zalando, and adidas, walked away with top honors at this year’s 6th annual European E-commerce Awards, hosted by Ecommerce Europe and the Global E-commerce Summit.

The Global E-commerce Summit at Barcelona’s CCIB was the place to be Tuesday to celebrate the best of Europe’s e-commerce industry. With Entrepreneurial, Omnichannel, and Pure Player awards at stake, e-commerce businesses across Europe were put through the paces.

For the Pure-Players and Omni-channel awards, jurors used findings from BCG’s Online and Omni-channel Shop Experience Audits as a point of departure for deliberation.

BCG Shop Experience Audit overview

Pure-Player Award 
Zalando was this year’s clear winner, taking top honors for the Pure-player Awards — an award all about pan-European e-commerce companies primarily using digital retail channels to excite consumers. Zolando does just that with jurors noting its customer-centric approach and leadership in orientation/user experience, selection, transaction, and customer care.

Peter Burggraaff, Associate Director of the Boston Consulting Group noted the Zalando team seems to be, “very much aware of both its strengths and needed areas of improvement. Its razor-sharp focus on next steps and willingness to test the boundaries of its operation model makes it continuously relevant and top of mind for pan-European online consumers.”

Deliberation for silver and bronze standing was more closely contested with discussions centered on two niche market players — Hello Fresh and — with rich online social experiences and very different business models. This year Hello Fresh edged ahead in 2nd place for its targeted approach and quick negotiation of a rapidly developing online food market, with capturing 3rd place bronze for its customer engagement and creative “unboxed” branding.

Omni-channel Award
It was a very close call between two companies, but in the end, brand beat retail for the Omni-channel top award with adidas taking gold.

This year’s deliberation brought to light just how difficult it is to get omni-channel — the true integration and transition between channels — right. While the short list began with five, last minute withdrawals and heated juror discussion led to identification of just the top two players in this category.

With a history of product development, the ability of Adidas to connect physical experience with online stores gave it the edge across the line for the gold. Jurors found its broad view of omnichannel — extending into quality of life — and excellent cross selling functionality created a solid end to end omnichannel experience.

Topshop took away the silver for its strong social presence and ability to inspire consumers.

Entrepreneurial Award
After listening to a fierce round of speed pitches, jurors had a tough choice to make between some very strong players. But the jury persevered and evaluated the candidates based on innovation, change, originality, and entrepreneurship . Here are the winners:

The gold goes to Aarstiderne of Denmark which represented one of 5 food related businesses nominated this year— highlighting the rapid development in this space. Aarstiderne is rising to the challenge of conquering the inherent difficulty of shortening the delivery chain from producer to consumer; and does so in a green, transparent, profitable way.

One Piece of Norway takes home silver with its socially engaging approach and ability to identify and understand its market —remember that image of Justin Bieber in a One Piece? And the company’s ability to regain mindshare after a few challenging years was seen as a testament to its innovative spirit by many jurors.

Bronze goes to Chic by Choice of Portugal, representing the true sense of entrepreneurial spirit. Driven by a young entrepreneur, the company has been able to execute and capitalize on timing to reinterpret a proven concept for the European market.

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees. Truly a job well done.

Global E-commerce Summit
The European E-commerce Awards ceremony took place during The Global E-commerce Summit at the CCIB in Barcelona, Spain on May 30 – June 1. The Global E-commerce Summit is the annual global event where established (online) retailers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce experts from emerging markets and award-winning e-commerce players of the world gather! The summit in 2016 was the 8th edition.

For more information, please go to Check the website for the exact dates and program of next year’s edition in Barcelona in June 2017.