Anthony Long

Company – Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Job Title: – Global E-commerce Lead

Which other Companies did you work before? – Revell-Monogram, Edelman

What are your favorite Brands? Top 3 – Fender, Apple, Audi

Why? ​- They all have helped introduce significant innovations in their industries (Apple changed mobile phones as we know them; Fender created electric guitars that people could buy and use, Audi introduced all-wheel drive into Rally racing and then consumer cars)

​What is your e-commerce tip for the visitors of the summit? – Meet as many vendors as you can because they may not have all the answers but they have important insights in their specific areas that are highly useful.

Which secret do you want to share with us? – Ecommerce isn’t a sales channel, it’s a behavior pattern. And this should not be a secret to anyone. But if you want a real secret, Amazon will eventually buy