Carolina Agudo

Company – Havaianas
Job Title: – Head of Digital & Ecommerce. EMEA

Which other Companies did you work before? – Carrefour, Canon, Avon

What are your favorite Brands? Top 3  – Nike, Allbirds, Mango


Nike – I like all the Marketing they do, for me they´re the pioneers in Digital Marketing and ecommerce!

Allbirds – I love their website and how well they explained the product benefits. It´s a very simple product made of cotton but it´s very well explained in the site, with images, fun illustrations, UGC, animated gifs…

Mango – I like how they work omnichannel, I especially like their mobile site and experience, it´s very good, the usability of their mobile site is just excellent!

​What is your e-commerce tip for the visitors of the summit? – What is your E-commerce tip for the visitors of the Summit? Do as much Networking as possible, it´s always good to meet people in the industry, you learn every day from everybody!

Which secret do you want to share with us?

Professional Secret: I´m obsessed with data and I check the online sales and analytics every day in the morning!

Personal Secret: I love chocolate and I need to eat it every day 😉