Floris Band

Company – GrandVision
Job Title: – Global Digital Director

In which other companies have you worked before?
Nestle, Samsung, Greetz

Which are your favorite three brands?
Fender, Coca-Cola, KLM

Fender –> beautifull design, great guitars
Coca-Cola –> design of the bottle, powerful branding (and a small addiction 😉
KLM –> impressive social track record, great airline to fly the world with

What is your E-commerce tip for the visitors of the Summit?
Social commerce, instead of trying to get the customers to your platform, sell when your customers reach out to you!

Is there a secret that you would like to share with us?
What drove the succes and rapid expension behind google, uber, netflix and amazon?

Go microservices: enjoy flexibility, scalability, sharability and best of breed solutions instead of being locked-in by a monolith vendor and loose most of your budget without getting great results.