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Ecommerce Europe facilitates discussion on the impact of regulatory changes for consumer rights and retailer responsibilities in one of four Policy Arena sessions at the Global E-commerce Summit.

As part of this year’s Global E-commerce Summit, Ecommerce Europe invites European policymakers, prominent e-commerce C-level speakers, promising startups, and vested consumer representatives to discuss the effects of upcoming European policy changes on the e-commerce sector. The newly introduced Policy Arena gives online merchants the opportunity to learn how to prepare for new rules and future regulations and provides a voice in the debate concerning critical policy choices yet decided upon.

Retailer and consumer rights panel discussion
Ecommerce Europe starts the Policy Arena with the “Changing Consumer Legislation In Europe: Retailer And Consumer Rights” session on Tuesday 13 June.

With EU consumer and contract law not yet fully harmonized, individual Member States increasingly create ad-hoc policies to fill the gap. This decentralized approach creates a fragmented EU legal framework where merchants and consumers remain uncertain, if not unaware of their rights and obligations when selling and shopping online.

EU policymakers are currently working to address this through harmonization of B2C contract rules for the sales of goods and the supply of digital content. However, diverging views remain regarding implementation of a harmonized approach that extends the rules proposed by the Commission to all B2C sales — both on- and offline.

These complicated differing legal frameworks often leave consumers and merchants stymied, harbors lack of consumer trust, and increasingly create barriers to cross-border e-commerce in Europe. This first Policy Arena session aims to address this complex landscape and tackles questions that include:

  • How to improve consumer rights and contract law without imposing unreasonable burdens on online merchants?
  • How to create an environment where both online merchants and consumers benefit from a single horizontal “EU Consumer Code”? Can this improve all parties’ legal certainty? What is the role of pan-EU trust labels, like the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark?
  • What should the EU Consumer Code contain? How can that be concretely realized?

Join the conversation
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