Advance your e-commerce IQ at GES2017 in Barcelona

Händlerbund invites you to join us at this year’s Global E-commerce Summit, 12 – 14 June in Barcelona.

For its 9th edition, attendees need no longer choose between competing events. Event organizers have integrated the best of the Ecommerce Europe and Global E-commerce Annual Conferences for a single, high impact, powerful program. The revamped event takes participants on a journey from the possible to the actionable to explore how developing technologies, policies and business models meet consumer expectations that shape the future of digital commerce.

Why attend?
1. Catch-up on global trends in consumer attitude, online behavior and demographic shifts substantiated by respected research data.

2. Unlock relevant best practices from the insights of international business leaders and influential players in the digital commerce industry.

3. Learn about evolving innovations that shape the way consumers shop today and will tomorrow.

4. Gain insight into policy settings those influencing changes that impact how you do business.

5. Build professional networks during a range of events that bring together internationally active e-commerce professionals seeking connection with other industry peers.

6. Advance your career development with information and inspiration from innovative e-commerce players worldwide.

7. Relax and enjoy all that Barcelona offers in June.
Be a part of this inspiring event. Use G3SJC17P46 for a significant Händlerbund discount.

Register now and join us. We look forward to meeting you at the Global E-commerce Summit, 12-14 June 2017 in Barcelona.