Pelle Pettersson

Company – Bonnier News
Job Title: – Director E-commerce

In which other companies have you worked before?
Cervera, Ur&Penn and my own successful e-commerce startup klockkungarna for example.

Which are your favorite three brands?
Nike, Apple, amazon

Nike has an amazing loyalty by their customers, they also spend a lot in inovation to always be the first in line of new changes, amazing brand. Apple, still impressing how they are moving strong and how they developed the mobile market. Amazon, It`s amazing how they take on new markets and their inpakt on the digitalisation of an whole society.

What is your E-commerce tip for the visitors of the Summit?
Notice how voice will change the development online, in 2020 voice will stand for 50% of all searches online so think about how that will change the behavior.

Another tips is to think at speed, speed on an e-commerce site will be super important in the future.