Pierre Halleux

Company – Nestlé Belgium
Job Title: – eCommerce Manager Nestlé Belgium

In which other companies have you worked before?
In 2009, I started my professional career at Bisnode Belgium, and became marketing database advisor for clients such as P&G, Pernod-Ricard and UNICEF.
In parallel, I created my own company to launch and experiment with digital projects. Most recent one is www.eatLocal.io one mobile app for foodies. it let you exchange restaurants you loved with friends.

Which are your favorite three brands?
Asics, Spotify & SkyScanner

Asics – In the past, I hated running. One friend told me buy good shoes and train for 20K challenge. I did the run.
Spotify – So easy to discover and keep your song with you. It changes music industry
Skyscanner – I love to travel, it’s amazing tool to compare flights

What is your E-commerce tip for the visitors of the Summit?
Try small, test & learn.
Sometimes it won’t work. It’s not bad, as one day, if you keep applying learnings, it will succeed.

Is there a secret that you would like to share with us?
Before applying for the position of eCommerce manager at Nestlé, I had not yet eCommerce experience.
So I created a food startup in one weekend, helping a small business owner to grow and start sell food online. It was win-win for both of us.
He expended his business and I got the job.