Ecommerce Europe confirms first speakers for the 2017 Global E-commerce Summit Policy Sessions
March 7, 2017
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March 23, 2017

Brand and retail experiences stand poised to become more inspirational, exciting, simple and convenient.

The way we shop has rapidly changed, and the role of brands and retailers will forever change along with it. In the past decade alone, the idea of shopping online developed from an unreliable craze to a mainstream form of shopping accessible via multiple form-factors. Brands and retailers can expect even greater change in the next decade as transformative technologies, innovations and policies drive fundamental shifts in how consumers shop.

Great expectations
Economic enablement, changing demographics and technological innovation now breed today’s empowered consumers.

Presented with a growing array of products and services, often personalized to their specific needs and wants, consumers now increasingly demand price and quality transparency along with a wide range of convenient fulfilment options.

Add to this mix, the increasingly influential, hyper connected, tech trendsetting millennials and their younger centennial counterparts, brands and retailers now have access to a preview of future trends in technology usage and shopping patterns.

Future proof your business
The need to create differentiated and personalized experiences that span the real and digital lives of these empowered consumers becomes imperative for brands and retailers to succeed in an increasingly dynamic, competitive market.

That means building a deep understanding of — and connection to — those empowered consumers, promptly incorporating disruptive technologies, effectively negotiating competing policy landscapes, openly embracing transformative business models in both the offline and online space, and ultimately establishing key capabilities.

Join us at the Global E-commerce Summit 2017 in Barcelona to learn how industry experts, peers, innovators and regulators address the accelerating opportunities and challenges facing brands and retailers as they engage tomorrow’s shopping experiences.

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