How does MeetToMatch work?

After confirmation of your sign-up, an account is created for you. Also a personal matchmaker is assigned to you. This matchmaker will guide you through the process with the aim of getting you only the most relevant meetings.


Complete your profile

Completing your profile page with as much information as possible enables you to network and promote yourself more effectively. Your preferences and areas of business interest enable potential business partners to find you easily, select you from the list and propose a meeting.

Likewise, if everyone does the same, you will be able to find the best potential clients or business partners.

Plan your meetings

Once you are logged in, the Agenda tab shows each day broken down into 30-minute time slots. We have created a business lounge with reserved seats for the one-to-one meetings.

When a meeting is confirmed, a table is automatically assigned and reserved for you to have your meeting.

Have the meetings

The meetings are held right at the venue. A space with meeting tables is prepared for you to meet with potential business partners. Your personal Agenda will always show the location for each meeting.

A reception desk with the lovely :-) MeetToMatch staff is available on-site for last minute assistance. MeetToMatch helps you get maximum results out of your meetings!

Follow up during dinner or after the event

Contact details are visible only when there is a confirmed meeting. This will allow you to follow up during or after the event.

But don’t forget that much of the deal making also happens at the dinner table or the bar!

More about the meeting requests

If you have pending meeting request, and no time to respond, we will do this for you. One to two week(s) before the event we will accept up to five meeting requests on your behalf, best fitting your profile. You can also contact your matchmaker to accept or decline meetings on your behalf. You will be informed well in advance. Less then 6 meeting requests coming in? No problem, just accept the ones that come in.

Contact us here:

Ansgar Smith

Fedor van Herpen