Tuesday 26 June

09.30 – 09.35
Welcome & Introduction by Paul Petermeijer - CEO & Owner BBP Media / Founder E-commerce Summit
09.35 – 11.00
What is new in the E-commerce arena? During an in-depth keynote presentation, you will get an update about innovation, technology and behaviour trends in retail. You will get to know the most innovative brands and will receive inspiration, practical tips and tricks.

Hosted by: Matt Jeffers - Javelin Group - Managing Director Europe
09.35 – 10.05
Keynote: Various ways of innovation in E-retail
Growth in retail is becoming ever harder – margins are getting tighter and consumer spending is shifting away from spending on physical goods to more experiential and service oriented spend. These changing patterns of consumer behaviour and shift to digital have had a fundamental effect on retail – particularly for larger, more traditional retailers with many struggling or exiting the market. At the same time many new businesses have succeeded in establishing a foothold in their markets thanks in large part to innovative new business models. Innovation Is a hot topic at the moment as people have realised that is one of the main ways to be able to compete against the likes of Amazon and Alibaba. How you embrace innovation will depend very much on which angle you come at it from – either as a small company starting up or a larger entity trying to pivot away from where scale and success have been established. We will talk through case studies to show the various ways that retailers have used innovation over the last few years and discuss how delegates should consider approaching innovation in their own businesses. We will highlight the practical tips and tricks and lessons learned from where it hasn’t worked. Finally we will share some golden rules about innovating in retail for delegates to consider.

Matt Jeffers - Javelin Group - Managing Director Europe
10.05 – 10.20
Keynote: How a food brand, like Nestlé, can innovate to influence growth and fill the gap, inspire and convince consumers to start buying food online?
Growth through Innovation- Studies in Belgium show that the percentage of E-groceries is much lower there than in neighboring countries. Therefore, there is a huge space for rapid growth. How a food brand, like Nestlé, can innovate to influence growth and fill the gap, inspire and convince consumers to start buying food online? The biggest challenges are the strong technical barriers and limitations of the E-retail platforms. Trough innovation, bringing start-ups in the sector and working together with E-retailers, we can get more chances to succeed and generate rapid growth.

Pierre Halleux - Nestlé - E-commerce Manager Belgium
10.20 – 10.40
Keynote: Microservices: How to lose your head, go as tiny as possible and yet be very successful in rolling out an innovative international corporate omnichannel framework
Today’s world demands fast and engaging customer experiences. Experiences which tap into all the micro moments where we can influence the buying behaviour of consumers. Creating these experiences in one market is already very tough: imagine doing that in 44 different markets with different CRM, POS and ERP systems. Combine that with the traditional IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance and supply chain silos, old fashioned way of working (waterfall vs scrum) and add local operations to that, and you’ll have a perfect recipe of why so many framework projects fail…

What enabled the likes of Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify etc., to change and dominate the world so fast? How can we do that?!

Floris Band - Grand Vision - Global Digital Director
10.40 – 11.00
Interactive discussion and closing by host
11.00 – 11.30
Coffee break & networking
11.30 - 13.00
Experts from great brands will share their strategies through TEDtalk presentations. E-commerce growth through different channels, how to deal with budget splits, how mobile is affecting the online growth, the influence of offline activities in the online traffic and sales, the omnichannel experience and the influence of social media, the role of big pure players… These subjects will be illustrated with real examples and cases.

Hosted by: Elisabetta Portioli - Louis Vuitton - Omnichannel Worlwide Strategy and Digital Projects
11.35 - 11.55
How can a luxury brand provide a seamless client experience building an omni-channel strategy that reflects the brand identity and respects the luxury fundamentals and different geographies?
The presentation aims at pondering on a strategic business issue for luxury brands: how a luxury brand, while maintaining the specifics of luxury, can engage the client during all the touch points (store, on-line, mobile, and non-commercial – social media) in his/her customer journey? Omni-channel strategy and customer experience are strategic and significant issues puzzling all the major players in luxury nowadays. Specifically, I will investigate both from a strategic and operational standpoint how and which successful omni-channel strategy, despite different geographies and formats (on-line and off-line space), will enable a luxury brand to implement a profitable and sustainable strategy along with a seamless client excellence experience. In my research I will discuss how the ‘pop-up store’ format could be a viable physical retail format, enabling the circular loop between traditional and digital channels.

Elisabetta Portioli – Louis Vuitton – Omnichannel Worldwide Strategy and Digital Projects
11.55 - 12.13
Omnichannel in Sport: learnings from the Oakley case study
In this session, a case study of omnichannel strategy through the Oakley lens will be presented. Starting from the peculiarity of the current model, the Olympic Games case study will be analysed, to establish how a solid omnichannel strategy can support maximum impact for brand awareness as well as identify key points of growth for the future.

Rossana Mastrosimini - Luxottica - Senior Global Retail and E-commerce Marketing Manager
12.13 - 12.31
Online Growth Through Different Channels
Online and offline activity drive traffic to E-commerce and influence sales: How? We should differentiate between two types of marketing activity: the one focused on building brand awareness, and the one focused on performance. The first one will bring traffic but will not convert immediately; it´s a long-term strategy- like in the offline world- and difficult to measure. The second one is meant to bring sales, the KPIs are ROI, ROAS, CPA… and not traffic.

Once we have this clear, it´s time to think about how to build our budget and strategy to make sales grow. For that, we need a reliable analytic system with data we can trust, and an attribution model based on first click to be able to take the right conclusions and decisions. We might have traffic from social not converting if looking at the last click conversion, but it might be a strong channel to bring traffic and might be converting very well if we attribute the conversion to the first click.

But there are more things affecting sales and growth: mobile and voice search are changing the game, the customer behavior is different and we will need to adapt our SEO strategies. Also, big E-tailers are challenging brands to rethink of their E-commerce strategies – why would a consumer buy at the brand site, instead of at the E-tailers site? We should look at it as complementary sales and work on both strategies at the same time – E-tailers will focus on efficiency while Brand Stores should focus on experiences, a little bit similar to the offline world.

Carolina Agudo Lazareno – Havaianas – Digital and E-commerce Manager EMEA
12.31 - 12.49
Key considerations in driving digital transformation
This presentation will give a topline overview on the most important factors every organization needs to consider while driving digital transformation. Why they have to start from consumers and how these are evolving; is digital transformation about technology or about something else; do we have good understanding of the complete digital ecosystem; how is consumer journey evolving and where we should focus on; data and analytics- where to start from; the importance of one online integrate marketplace strategy; investing in online wholesale as key media strategy and dropship/marketplace as the dominant business model of the future… These are some of the questions and topics that will be covered.

Vladimir Stankovic - Camper - Global Digital & E-commerce Director
12.49 - 13.00
Wrap-up and closing by host
13.00 – 14.00
Lunch break & networking
14.00 – 15.30
Is going Cross-Border the way to grow? How do we have to deal with all the cultural and structural differences and digital challenges? What is the route to successful global-thinking? Get inspired by keynote presentations of big brands that will share their experiences with you.

Hosted by: Wijnand Jongen - Futurist on Retail and E-commerce / Founder E-commerce Europe
14.05 – 14.30
Keynote: How to hack the growth in a complex E-business Pan-European landscape? A Levi's case by G-Convert
In a fast moving E-commerce world where we see more and more concentration of the business in few pure players, brands should reinvent themselves even more, change their paradigm to be closer to their consumers and keep their remaining competitive advantages. From brand experience to online services, what are the key marketing elements that could help a brand to make the difference?

Amaury Rosier - G-Convert (Levi Strauss) - Co-founder & Managing Partner
14.30 – 14.50
Keynote: Why is it worthwhile to go cross border with a minimum viable product?
Moving into new markets is not easy. It requires extensive preparation, comprehensive market research, and knowledge about cultural differences and local shopping habits. Companies going cross border have to consider language barriers, shipping and fulfillment needs, tax and legal regulations. Last but not least high budgets are often required for the preparation and marketing. But why not enter new markets on a budget with a very simple and lean approach – a minimum viable product? Would that work? Learn about C&A’s cross border expansion, our strategic approach and more.

Sylwia Konopko - C&A - Country Manager E-Commerce European Union
14.50 – 15.05
Keynote Interview - Scaling in a direct to consumer brand in the digital age: from start-up to a Pan-European success in 8 years
Julien Callede - - Co-Founder
15.05 – 15.20
Q&A discussion by host
15.20 – 15.30
Wrap-up and final closing – by Paul Petermeijer - CEO & Owner BBP Media / Founder E-commerce Summit